MHC Acquisition Fund IV LLC

Mountainview (MV)  is  a  largely  stabilized  asset,  however  there  remains the opportunity  to  add  value  through three areas: occupancy, operating expense management, and financing.

Mountainview is a 70 site community located on State Route 22 in Stephentown, NY on the New York/Massachusetts border.  The property offers high visibility with two ingresses and egresses.  According to the 2010 Census the Town of Stephentown had a population of 2,175. The median income per household was $61,650.

Pittsfield,  MA,  the  closest  city  to  MV, is  17  miles  away  with  a  population  of  44,737  according to the  2010 Census.    Pittsfield  offers  a  variety  of  employment  opportunities inthe  health  care  field  and  in  the  service sector.    Some  of  the  largest  employers  in  Pittsfield  are:  Berkshire  Health  Care Systems,  Berkshire  Medical Center,and Berkshire Community Colleges.Outdoor activities near Stephentown include the Taconic Crest Trail, a 35 mile trail that runs along the Taconic Mountains  behind  the  property,  as  well  as nearby  Jiminy  Peak  Ski  Resort.   Cultural  attractions  abound  in the nearby Berkshire Mountains, including numerous, museums, galleries and performing arts.